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2008 Photographic Competition –
Prize Winner’s Flight

(14 August 2009)

After a delay caused by scheduled winter maintenance and inclement weather, the winner of the 2008 Vampire Preservation Group photographic competition was finally about to arrange their flight. Nick Spall, who took the winning photograph of WZ507 on the apron at Cranfield, kindly offered to donate his prize to a friend, as he had already experienced a flight in WZ507 during the summer.

The flight was arranged for the 3rd May, immediately after WZ507’s return from the Abingdon Air and Country Show. The weather was perfect, with blue skies and scattered cloud. Sue Gee arrived at North Weald with Nick as WZ507 was being prepared.

After getting kitted up in a flying suit, Sue took her seat in WZ507 and was given a comprehensive safety briefing by Matt Hampton, the pilot for the flight. Once completed, the canopy was closed, the engine started and WZ507 taxied out to the runway. After take-off the Vampire headed east to remain clear of controlled airspace, then a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres were flown, including rolls, loops, barrel rolls and wingovers.

Sue had a go at flying the Vampire as it routed past Chelmsford and back towards base. After landing, WZ507 taxied to the apron, to be greeted by Nick and the Vampire’s ground crew – from the smile on Sue’s face we trust she enjoyed the experience!

Congratulations to Nick for winning the 2008 competition. To have a chance of winning a similar flight in WZ507, please visit our photographic competition page for details of how to submit your pictures of WZ507.

Note to Editors:

For more information, or to arrange to see this aircraft,
please contact Matt Hampton via the VPG web site.

The Vampire is often flying and will visit several airfields during the year.
You will be made most welcome if you come along to see us!

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