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Annual Inspection

(25th August 2012)

WZ507 had its annual inspection in May and June this year; a routine check to ensure the aircraft is in good condition and rectify any problems at an early stage. As usual, a few minor problems were unearthed.

Some corrosion was discovered on one of the elevator attachment brackets. The elevator, rudders and fairings needed to be removed to allow access, after which the bracket was removed and sandblasted to remove the corrosion, chemically treated to prevent a recurrence and then reattached.

There was a small amount of play in the flap attachment which required new parts to be fitted and the battery connector in the nose bay required re-termination.

A fault in the starter motor warning light circuit was addressed and an unserviceable navigation light was fixed.

During this time the parachutes and battery were also sent away for separate inspections by specialist organisations. Everything was found to be satisfactory and the aircraft is once again fully serviceable.


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