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Maintenance Completed!

(21st January 2015)

We are pleased to announce that WZ507 is finally ready for flight again, after a frustrating few months when we have been grounded with various technical issues.

During the annual maintenance inspection last summer, two major issues came to light. The first problem concerned the parachutes, which have been in the aircraft for many years. Unfortunately they failed their annual check, which required us to source two new parachutes for the aircraft - not an easy task for an aircraft of this vintage! We eventually found some suitable replacements in the USA and had them shipped to the UK, repacked and fitted into the Vampire.

The second problem was a corroded hydraulic pipe, which required replacing. This was a relatively complicated task, due to the length of the pipe and the complex routing it took through the airframe!

Both problems are now fixed and WZ507 is just awaiting a final test flight, before we may resume normal flying this spring. Hopefully this test flight will happen very soon!

If you would like to help us with our efforts in keeping WZ507 airworthy, please consider joining our supporter's club. Every penny raised goes directly towards the aircraft and membership starts from just 1 per month, making it affordable for almost everybody. Please help if you can - WZ507 is the last airworthy Vampire T11 in the world and we would love to keep her flying!


Note to Editors:

For more information, or to arrange to see this aircraft,
please contact Matt Hampton via the VPG web site.

The Vampire is often flying and will visit several airfields during the year.
You will be made most welcome if you come along to see us!

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