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WZ507 Ready For 2007 Display Season (20/06/2007)

WZ507 was subjected to a very thorough maintenance inspection earlier this year, checking all areas for possible faults in preparation for the 2007 airshow season. As with any aircraft, several minor defects have been found and rectified – however, bearing in mind that WZ507 is now 55 years old, it is in excellent condition with no significant work being required.

The canopy and ejection seats were removed to allow easier access to the cockpit – the canopy was also repaired, to replace a damaged spigot. The left rudder was removed to allow access to the pitot/static system and several areas of minor airframe corrosion have been treated.


During this time we also applied to the CAA for a major modification to the aircraft, to disable the ejection seats by removing the explosive cartridges. This has now been approved by the CAA and the seats have been modified and refitted.

WZ507 had its first flight of 2007 on 13th June – we are delighted to report that everything worked perfectly! WZ507 will be making several airshow appearances this year – please visit the Airshow Bookings page for an up to date list of all our display venues, as new bookings are negotiated!


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The Vampire is often flying and will visit several airfields during the year.
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