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Maintenance Update

(18th May 2012)

We have had a couple of technical issues this year, both involving the nose undercarriage. Whilst towing the aircraft on the apron, the engineers heard a grating sound coming from around the nose leg. Upon investigation, some wear was discovered in one of the linkages; some corrosion was also found in the bolts attaching the nose leg to the fuselage. These bolts were replaced, which sounds like a minor job. Unfortunately to gain access to this area of the nose, the cockpit floor needed to be removed! The nose wheel tyre was also replaced whilst the aircraft was jacked up as it was worn to limits. These issues kept WZ507 out of action for a while; we were also hindered by the now seeming traditional UK spring weather, which has caused several flights to be postponed… On a more positive note, the flights we have managed to complete have shown no problems with our new engine, which is a testament to the extensive work carried out last year.

At the beginning of May WZ507 went into the hangar for its annual inspection. This is progressing well, although a few minor issues have been found. This is not unexpected – every year small defects are discovered and rectified – the whole point of these inspections is to pick up any problems and fix them before they become a major issue.

Hopefully WZ507 will be airworthy again in June and we can look at returning back to the display circuit again.


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