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2012/2013 Display Season Sponsor

The Vampire Preservation Group is pleased to announce our new sponsor for the 2012/2013 display seasons – – a company responsible for flight data monitoring (FDM), a quality assurance system measuring numerous aircraft parameters and producing software to demonstrate how an aircraft is being operated.

A Brief Company History

Early in 2002, Excel Airways agreed to become a launch and development partner for Aerobytes. This arrangement ensured that the system was receiving thorough testing in an operational environment and could also be continually refined in response to user feedback during its development. The resulting system is robust and contains a wealth of features designed to reduce workload to an absolute minimum.

Active marketing started in the summer of 2003 with quite unexpected results - within a matter of weeks, an airline that had previously used a competing system was so impressed that they decided to move over to the Aerobytes system.

Since then, Aerobytes has attracted 'first-time' operators and has also been bought by experienced FDM operators who have chosen to upgrade to Aerobytes rather than an upgrade of their existing software. To date no Aerobytes customer has changed to another product.

Aerobytes continues to grow at a steady pace with its support team always expanding ahead of demand. Poor support (by other companies) has been a major factor for airlines choosing to move over to Aerobytes and the company has no desire to lose those hard-won clients through similar failings!

Aerobytes now has over 110 customer airlines in North and South America, throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

The Vampire Preservation Group wishes to thank Aerobytes for their valuable support in helping to keep WZ507 flying and look forward to working with them during 2012/2013.

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